White Label The Ezeemanage Model and Experience
Exponential Recurring Revenue Growth.

Expand your IT portfolio in minutes & at no cost

White labelling allows you to stand on the shoulders of talented developers, engineers, polished processes and offerings for a fraction of the cost while you enjoy high profits. Creating your own product from scratch consumes your bandwidth, money and resources, so why reinvent the wheel when you can white label. More bandwidth gives you the opportunity to drive more customers under you label. Earn a one time or recurring monthly compensation. Call us today.

Our business partners range from consultants, small managed service company’s, and also businesses that share a common customer base and can inject a new revenue stream into their business portfolio.

Ezeemanage is a low-cost results-obsessed Technology Services Provider with a primary focus to finding ways to drive down businesses operating costs and empowering customers to grow their business. Customers trust us to evolve their core apps and infrastructure management that give them the power to do and achieve more.

Just like our customers – you too will come to rely on Ezemanage to collect & compare initial acquisition & deployment cost, repairs, maintenance, upgrades & service that lead to scheduled and un-scheduled downtime costs, extended support contracts, network integration, security, software licenses and applications when considering the financial components in a TCO analysis towards your customers’ outcome.

Empower Your Business Talk to an Ezee Expert

Spend Less – Sell Faster

  • White Label Services
    Get into acquisition mode while we service your customers
  • Strengthens the loyalty of your customers when you take advantage of our expert resources and offerings
  • Ezeemanage will provide service level agreements with promo pricing for each
  • Ezeemanage Services refined offers a polished product with your name attached. Why waste time reinventing the wheel when you can white label.
  • Referral Services
    Have a second income effortlessly
  • Bring us your lead/customer and we do the heavy lifting – end to end
  • Finders Fee
    Aggressive one time / recurring Monthly Comp Structures
  • Transparent Reporting
    Track the progress of your opportunities