Ezee Proactive Monitoring- Find IT problems before they find you.
Services Starting From $5/Month

As a Business owner or IT Manager, 24/7 Proactive Monitoring of your business devices and applications is a critical part in delivering a high level of maintenance to mitigate risk and avoid expensive downtime. In the past high monthly costs may have been a deterrent – today our customer-centric pricing model delivers affordability & accessibility.

Ezee monitoring helps the SMB customer takes the first step toward proactive monitoring and maintenance, while also improving reactive response times + a multitude of reporting capabilities. Ezee will find & fix IT issues faster than users can report them.

  • Monthly Monitoring prices starting below $80 + select a minimum block of 3hrs to get started
  • Ezee pay-when needed model lowers monthly managed costs by approximately 40%+
  • Ezee- by the minute billing – our customers admit this is the best value added feature
  • Block of hours for Remote break fix -Projects –Data Migration -Remote Help Desk Support –Digital Solutions –Dev Ops ++++
  • Ezee-monitor costs only $20/device per month
  • Emergency out-of-business hours & holidays costs the same $100/hr by the minute billing

Boost the effectiveness of your people with Ezee Remote Proactive Monitoring and management.

Desktops & Servers

Ezee automation provides a single source of truth for monitoring agent and agentless devices. Out-of-the-box solutions are preconfigured for best practice monitoring.


Technology is increasingly virtualized, and Ezee automation adapts to such related technologies. Our integrated virtualization manager monitors for VMware & Hyper-V infrastructure.

Remote Control Sessions

Ezee automation provides a single source of monitoring and reporting for remote control sessions, so our customers know which of our members are connected and for exactly how long.

Ezee Partnership Plans

FEATURES Starter Growth Essentials
Monitor ISP 01 01 01
Monitor Firewall 01 01 01
Monitor Switch 01 01 01
Monitor Back Up 01 01 01
Manage Server 01 01 02
Manage Server VMs - 02 05
Users 03 05 10
Blocks of Hours 03 10 25
Back Up Optional Optional Optional
Cost $79/mo + $300 $135/mo + $1000 $275/mo + $2500
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