Remote Managed Services
Show us your budget & we’ll tell you what you value

Ezeemanage provides your organization with 24/7/365 Pro-Active Monitoring, Management, Systems Maintenance and visibility into your infrastructure that can provide up-to-the-minute insight for performance and availability. While traditional IT management platforms and tools are proving increasingly costly, complex, and onerous to manage, Ezeemanage provides a compelling alternative. Service availability is critical to any business environment – by utilizing Ezee, a trusted Managed IT Services leader with a solid track record in Managed Services delivery, you can relax knowing your infrastructure will be up and running.

Based on previous years’ trends, simply purchase a block of hours your business will consume for either a month, quarter, half or full year. Your grand-father plans will never change and your hours will never expire. Ezee pay-when-needed model lowers monthly managed costs by approximately 40%. This pay- as needed model offers our customers true ROI. Ezee-monitor costs only $20/device per month + select a business convenient blocks of hours that can be used for anything IT related; such as on premise or cloud migration, remote- help desk, projects, professional services, digital solutions, dev ops and much more. Our customers describe this model as the answer to all of their IT concerns.Empower Your Business Talk to an Ezee Expert

  1. Ezee pay-as needed partnership model gives you full autonomy. Only pay for the minutes consumed at one flat $100/hr rate. No matter how complex the project is, your hourly price does not go up. Simply buy or top up, a block of remote hours with no expiry date and inherit highly skilled professionals to complete your business projects and more.
  2. Ezee- by the minute billing has no minimums. Thus a $100/hr licensed technician that works on your IT environment for 30 minutes – is in actuality a $50/hr technician.
  3. Emergency -out-of-hours & out of scope mission critical priorities are the same $100/hr or less with the same by the minute billing and ticketing portal.
  4. Our automated reporting tool will remind you to top up as you cross the 80% threshold. We make it simple so that you can focus on your mission critical business priorities.
  5. Referral programs and advantages for our existing customers offers complimentary blocks of hours – a $500 value. Our grow together partnership programme demonstrates an unwavering commitment to reduce operating costs, mitigate risks and improve your brand.

Ezee-monitor + hour blocks includes

  • Configure items to best practices
  • Provide ongoing patching and monitoring
  • Harden the configurations from a security perspective
  • Fine-tune the settings for performance and dynamically change the configuration state to meet business needs on the fly
  • Connectivity issues will be resolved after having been identified through our automated and ticketing tools – under a strict service licensing agreement and provide reporting that proves adherence to that SLA
  • Establishing a baseline for optimal performance & running state
  • Configuring changes in accordance to known operating issues or recommended vendor configuration settings
  • Generating a runbook to establish an order of operations & tasks for maintenance
  • Escalation paths for incidents related to performance or remediation
  • Executing on going patching, securing and monitoring in accordance with the runbooks
  • Incidents triaged through ticketing