Remote Professional Services

On site professional services has a high cost attached to it with added charges such as travel, parking etc. Minimum hourly charges are part of the agreement and most 3rd parties will “pad” an extra few contingency hours (as high as 25%) – all this above the already high on-site cost per hour. The scary part is that businesses have grown to accept paying such exorbitant fees for years – Ezeemanage brings affordability and accessibility to the SMB market giving you the power to do and achieve more.

The Ezeemanage model reduces costs w/o sacrificing quality and offers the SMB customer a budget friendly pool of highly skilled resources that can be accessed through a block of hours that never expire. Projects during out-of-business hours, holidays, weekends – all cost the same & by the minute billing. Select a convenient block of remote hours for– digital solutions, dev ops projects, data migration, remote- help desk, remote professional services, and much more. Call us today to learn more.

Use Block of Hours for Remote Break fix, projects, data migration, remote- help desk, digital solutions, dev ops and much more. See Line card for remote professional services.

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Ezee Remote #TECHaaS is committed to providing you with a pool of highly skilled resources and licenced professionals for all your business needs at one incredibly low rate. One low price with NO minimums, no “padding” contingency hours, travel & parking, or other hidden fees. It gets way better- you pay by the minute which means when the project is completed the clock stops. Thus, a $100/hr licensed technician who works on your IT environment for 30 minutes – is in actuality a $50/hr technician.

Select a convenient block of hours that can be used for anything IT related; such as cloud or on-premise migrations, system upgrades, server/networking configuration, remote- help desk, projects, digital solutions, dev ops and other professional services. This partnership model offers ROI in its purest sense. Our customers describe this model as the answer to all of their IT concerns.

15 years of industry experience has helped us recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. Your business is unique and your company’s needs never stop evolving. Ezee-way Remote professional offers affordability and accessibility for the small & medium business owner.