If lowering business costs by adapting to change
is wrong, then you don’t want to be right.

At first glance this appears to be a standard traditional managed services company, but take another look – no high monthly costs, no rounding up hours, no extra or buried hidden costs…. instead lower costs, full transparency, only pay-as-needed, by the minute on weekends and stat holidays as well.

Customers everywhere admit that monthly managed services would help them focus on critical business priorities – if only the costs were affordable and accessible. SMB owners prefer a single company with a pool of highly skilled & licensed professionals to look after all their IT requirements while holding their best interests in mind.

So here it is – 15 years of industry experience made it clear that the customer’s goal-based objectives are different from the operational sandbox mindset of the traditional MSP. With the help of market analytics, SMB owners, IT managers, help desk personnel and hours of strategic brain storming – Ezeemanage became your affordable, accessible, simpler, faster, safer – Managed Services company.

Partnering with Ezeemanage is quick and simple. Check out Ezee Model/Prices or visit our landing page. Schedule a one-on-one with a managed services expert – No cost, no obligation, no sales-pitch. Get the answers your business needs.

To Manage or to Ezeemanage?

That is the question! No long-term MS contracts: pay for services only when you need it & by the minute

Reduced Costs w/o Sacrificing Quality

With monthly managed services starting as low as $80 - Ezeemanage offers the SMB customer budget friendly 24/7 proactive monitoring + management through blocks of hours allocated for any type of technology services at one fixed low cost/hr with per minute billing by highly skilled IT professionals. Iron clad SLAs is our commitment to put technology and expertise to work.... making possible today what was impossible yesterday.

The No-Contract Ezee Model

Find IT problems before they find you with Ezee-monitor that costs only $20/device or VM, $5 ISP / Firewall / Switch and $8/User ( optional ). Select a convenient block of remote hours to manage those devices & users. It gets better – The hours can be used for expensive Dev Ops, WordPress, Digital solutions projects, data migration, remote- help desk &professional services, and much more – all at one low price. No long-term contracts, no out-of-scope billing, only pay-as-needed ...when you need it, by the minute billing on weekends and stat holidays too.
Call us today and start saving with Ezee.

Pay for Ezee Managed Services Only when needed

Traditional Managed Services is a broken subscription model and delivers a poor ROI to businesses. In the modern world of automated tools if only 10% of your monthly Managed Service cost is actually allocated to a live professional then why are you paying such high monthly service fees?

Message from our founder

Ezeemanage was designed with Small & Medium businesses in mind. Customers everywhere admit that monthly managed services would help them focus on critical business priorities – if only the costs were affordable. Take another look, with monthly prices starting below $80 – Ezee has become your affordable, simpler, faster, safer – Managed Services company.